Monday, March 2, 2009

I feel better!

This weekend was exactly what I needed! Saturday we did our grocery shopping and I cooked up some more mac and cheese and a sheperds pie and I was done for the weekend. I did not clean my house, did not bake bread or make chips or any of the other 500 things I normally do on a weekend. I relaxed. And it was sooooooo nice! I think I might do it again next weekend! Spend my last 2 weekends without Daniel relaxing and getting prepared for the hurricane to come home.

We went to Miyako for our anniversary on Sunday and it was pretty good. I had a coupon from the entertainment book buy one entree get one free up to $20. I ordered a couple of pieces of sushi (Jeff even tried it and liked it!) and we both got the hibachi steak. Only cost us $30 plus tip. Not bad for a Japenese steakhouse. Plus it was our anniversary we deserved to splurge a little bit.

Now it is back to work. Thankfully this week will be a lot calmer than last week. No corporate people here and end of month is over! YAY!


Bobbi said...

A nice relaxing weekend is sometimes just what the doctor ordered!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I am glad you all had a great time and that you have gotten to relax.

Cents in the Cities said...

I'm going to try your Mac and Cheese recipe--I've never made it homemade, and have always wanted to--wonder if my kids will like it! Love your signature. I'm not familiar with mylive have to check it out! Thanks for the ideas! I'll let you know how my mac and cheese attempt goes. "Ring Around the Blogs!"