Monday, July 27, 2009

My 4 year old is giving me the silent treatment

Daniel has been in AL a little over a week and I have talked to him twice. For about 5 minutes. TOTAL. He is "too busy" to talk lol. Mom had to MAKE him get on the phone with Jeff and I this weekend. He has gone to the park a LOT, been swimming, gone and spent the day with my mother in law and went to church with them. Played at the park with my brother in law and wore him out from what Mom said. Today he is going to the Anniston Natural History Museum to see the dino bones and all the other exotic animals and artifacts they have. I warned mom he likes to touch. Hopefully we will not have to um replace any expensive items that he breaks. Maybe he will not try and take the dinosaur bones home with him. Then again maybe he will. You never know with him.

We have been enjoying our free time. We have watched a LOT of movies. With no interuptions. In complete silence. WONDERFUL! We went to Olive Garden and enjoyed a nice peaceful adult only dinner. We had a blast Saturday at a wedding party. And get this. I slept until NOON on Sunday. Ok not all the way until noon, but off and on until then. It was glorious!

Jeff is excited because the hot peppers are starting to show up at the farmer's market again. I got enough to can 5 jars of pepper sauce this weekend and will keep on every other week or so until there are no more left. He was starting to get worried because he just opened the last jar from last year's stash and was afraid he would run out. OH THE HORROR!!! Heaven forbid he should run out of pepper sauce! Seeing as how he is the only person in the house that eats it, he better be glad I love him enough to make it for him.

What has been going on in ya'lls worlds? I need to catch up on my blog reading.



i dream of sleeping till noon