Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm baaaaack

Miss me? Yeah didn't think so lol.

It has been a rough couple of months for me. Depression has been kicking my ass with a vengance. I finally went to the doctor a little over a month ago and they put me on celexa. Once I got over the side effects it has helped quite a bit. I still was not sleeping though so when I went back last week they also put me on tropazine which is another depression med but it is also used to treat insomnia. I have been taking it for a few days and I feel almost like my old self again. I am sleeping better. I have more energy. I actually want to do things again. Ok maybe not the laundry that is piled up in my bedroom, but FUN things lol.

The tropazine is giving me some CRAAAAZY dreams though. Last night the batmobile was on my parents property in AL and was hunting down all these military guys. We were all running around hiding from the batmobile because no one knew who it was going to attack next. The weird thing is my subconcious is pulling people that I went to high school with that were several years older than me and using them in my dreams. The first night I took the medicine I dreamed that my mom and I were in FL except we were staying in this house on this teeny tiny strip of land. One side of the land was the ocean and on the other side was a salt water marsh. We had to leave the house because a hurricane was coming and it was pushing the waves up over the house and the land. We were trying to get to the mainland when a gust of wind pushed me into the marsh. Mom started screaming at me because there was an alligator in the water with me. I started frantically swimming and instead of getting on the land I dove UNDER it. It was like a strip of land just floating on the water. The alligator was just about to get me! Then my husband woke me up because evidently I was thrashing around and making weird noises lol. (You try and escape from an alligator and see what kind of noises YOU make!)

See am I screwed up in the head or what?! I think it is all the drama in my family in AL trying to work it's way out in my dreams. Oh well I always knew I was crazy!


Janelle said...

Glad you're back to blogging and feeling better too! I was getting concerned about you :)

Tribal Horse Designs said...

You are back !!!!!! glad you are getting some sleep finally .. Hey,, you could turn yourn dreams into novels :P

Jessica said...

I'm glad you are back and better. I need to get you guys the "official" invite for Hoss' birthday party. :)

mrsb said...

Glad you're back!

I went through a bad bought of depression. Meds are a godsend. Glad that you are feeling better!

Organic Meatbag said...

Hmmm...I might need some of 'dem 'dere dream enhancers of yours...hahahaha