Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Storm Update

We woke up to several inches of snow/ice mix. It has continued to sleet/freezing rain. It is SLICK out there. I went to the office this morning to try and get a few things done and could not even get in the door. It was frozen shut! Some people are predicting us to lose power later in the day as the ice/snow build up on trees and power lines. I sure hope that does not happen! I am enjoying spending some time with Daniel today though. He will be staying in AL for several weeks to spend some time with my family. It will be really quiet without him, but he is super excited about it. When we told him last night he immediately went in his room and packed his suitcase of toys. Today he has asked my every 10 min or so if we were going to AL yet. He also had to tell everyone in line behind us at McDonalds this morning that he was going to AL to see his Mimi this weekend!


Liz said...

Is it warm there? If it's warm, I wanna go see his Mimi too!
By the way, if you guys lose power, call me if you can. You guys are more than welcome at my place. I brought some wood in last night and put some along the side of the house to keep it out of the weather. I gotta fill up jugs of water when I get home. They say it's going to be as bad as the storm 8 years ago. I hope not.... I wasn't here for it... but it knocked power out for 2 weeks.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry about your lousy weather, Natalie. Hope you don't lose your electricity. I love snow---but hate ICE. It can do so much damage.

We only have rain this morning--but lots of it!!!!

I know you will miss Daniel--but he'll love being with his Mimi!!!!! Be careful driving.


Liz said...

Food is good :D And yes, if that time comes, you'll need to pack a couple of blankets too. I know where 1 extra... was. I'm turning it into a lap quilt though. The other "extra" ones well... the dog stole one, and the ferrets stole the other two. Gotta love them. If it's too bad to drive through, let me know. I'll either A) come get you (my car is the little engine that could. I'll pack the trunk with wood for weight) or B) hike to your apartment and help carry stuff to my place. LOL!

Bobbi said...

Welcome to the kooky Kentucky weather! My doggie was actually walking on top of the snow/ice - the ice is so thick he didn't break through!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

stay in and stay warm. I can really do without one like the alst big ones. 8 days with no heat or electric did me in.I cant stand kerosene so we will go to neighbors that has a fireplace if it gets too cold. daniel will have a blast with his mimi !!!

Jessica said...

Hope you still have power. We do. I am hoping we won't lose it...maybe wishful thinking?