Friday, February 13, 2009

Frugal Friday: An inexpensive way to celebrate Valentine's Day

I mentioned to Jeff the other day that I had a coupon for TGIFriday's BOGO entree free. So we decided to go last night, as we did not want to miss his brothers Jeopardy debut that is tonight.

I made sure before we ordered that we could use the coupon and we could. If you go between the hours of 4-7pm they also have $4 appetizers. We ordered 2 entrees and an appetizer and our total was a little over $16! If you ordered cheaper entrees and did not get an appetizer, you could spend even less.

The coupon is not valid on Valentine's Day, but you can use it until March 1. I printed a couple more, after all we have our one year anniversary coming up too!


Jan Ross said...

Thanks for sharing!! My husband I will be at Friday's tonight!!