Monday, February 9, 2009

I perfected the home made chips!

I have been playing with the recipe since I started making them and this weeks batch has been the best so far.

I did two things differently:

1. I bought a mandolin slicer so that the chips would be more uniform in thickness. Not sure how much this really helped but it took a lot less time. And it was relatively inexpensive ($10) and I can use it for other things.

2. I soaked the chips for a couple of hours in a bowl of water.

Normally when I would do them they would be crispy to begin with, then, some of them, would get kind of soft. My husband had always said his Granny soaked home made french fries in water before cooking them because it made them crispier. So I tried it. And it worked.



Bobbi said...

I think the soaking in cold water helps pull the sugar out of the potatoes - it's the sugar that makes them soggy.

I've been using your directions for homemade chips and the family loves them!