Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smoked Bison Rump Roast becomes yummy sandwiches

Before Jeff's family left on Sunday we all took a trip to the Lexington Farmer's Market out on Southland. We wanted to show them how awesome our local market is, especially when compared to the ones in AL.

We all enjoyed some fresh ice cream made with fresh from the farm milk. I picked up some smoked garlic powder that I was out of. Daniel wanted "A tree of broccoli." Jeff wanted me to make squash casserole for dinner so I picked up some squash. My sister in law picked up a few things to take back to AL for their dinner that night. Jeff and I were debating if we should get some ham for dinner when he saw the next stall over had roasts. I wanted a Boston butt but the only one they had left was WAY to much food for our small family. They did have a Bison rump roast though. We agreed on that not realizing it was going to be quite as expensive as it was. $18 expensive to be exact. YIKES! The way I justified it was if we had went out for Mothers Day it would have cost us more than the $25 it cost us to buy our dinners ingredients.

We decided to smoke the roast in Jeff's smoker. I thawed the roast in some warm water while Jeff got the smoker going. I made a marinade of some fresh rosemary from my herb garden, olive oil, the smoked garlic powder and a little minced garlic, and some cracked pepper.

It was pretty darn good. Maybe not quite $18 good but good nonetheless. Bison is also a very lean meat so their was very little fat on the cut of meat.

We still had quite a bit left over so I decided to make it into sandwiches last night for supper. Jeff shredded the meat and warmed in on the George Foreman grill (best appliance ever). I sauteed onions, mushrooms and garlic powder in a little bit of olive oil. Then we made up a brown gravy. Toasted some rye bread and added some slices of cheddar cheese. Place all the ingredients on the bread and man was it yummy! I had the last for leftovers in my lunch today.

In the end I guess our $18 roast was not too bad of a financial move as we were able to get 2 dinners and 1 lunch out of it. Next time I will definitely check the price before saying I will take it however!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Natalie, Your roast sounds yummy. Made my mouth water just reading about it. Hsppy Belated Birthday to Daniel. Love the cake!!!!!

Sounds like you had a good week. We enjoyed our week at the beach--but it's nice to get home.


MJ said...

Sounds yummy, I love bison. Yeah, checking the price is a good thing. I went to the store this weekend to pick up some asparagus, it had been on sale for about $1.60 all week for organic... so I got 4 huge bunches... only to realize that the sale had ended (on an off day) and so what I was expecting to pay about $6 for, I paid $12!

aaensons said...

i have never had bisson but it makes me want to try it now

Liz said...

Eh well. Let's give it an even $30 for all the ingredients from farmer's market + home. % by 3 meals = $10 per meal. Feeding 3 for the dinners and 2 (not sure if you pack Daniel's or not) for a total of 8 feedings. You're looking at about $3.75 per person per meal ish. AND a LOT healthier too. Beat that, Subway !

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

it sure sounds yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

Hit 40 said...

Great deal!!! I love to get several meals out of one hunk of meat!!!

Hit 40 said...

I couldn't tell if I left a comment? the washer went off balance on me :-(

Your meal looks excellent. You inspire me to get cooking!!!