Friday, May 8, 2009

Spongebob Cake

Daniel loves Spongebob so I got a burst of inspiration to make him a spongebob cake for his birthday. Cakes are square, Spongebob is square. Should not be that hard.

After one cake that exploded over the sides of the pan, I got the cake baked yesterday. I started on the frosting this morning.

Here is the final result:

I am pleased with the way it turned out and Daniel LOVES it.

Sorry for the crappy picture quality I can't find my usb cable for my camera so had to take this with my camera phone.


aaensons said...

you did a wonderful job and it looks awesome

Janelle said...

You did a great job! We don't go over the top for birthday parties, but I always decorate the cake at the whim of the birthday boy. It's fun isn't it?


very nice. if you have a cake go over take a knife and cut it flat.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

looks adorable !!!!!! Hope you all ahd great time today..I am home briefly and then back to work another 24 ..

Jessica said...

I thought it was awesome! I could never do such a great job.

Bobbi said...

Great Sponge Bob cake! I bet Daniel was thrilled!