Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where does God live?

Daniel and I went to Meijer's today to get the stuff for me to make him a Spongebob cake. Meijers usually has some pretty good sale prices so I was looking around at all the clearance food items. We were looking at the spice isle for some yellow food coloring when Daniel asked me:

D: Where does God live?
M: Well he lives in Heaven but he is around us all the time.
D: Have you ever been to Heaven?
M: No not yet.
D: Are you going today?
M: Well I hope not!
D: Why?
M: Because when you go to heaven you are dead and I would like to see you turn 4 on Saturday.

Needless to say the other people in the isle were dying laughing at me and Daniel.

Fast forward to the area by the milk where they keep other markdowns:

D: Who works here?
M: Well there are a lot of people who work here.
D: What are there names?
M: Well I do not know.
D: I bet one of them are named God!
M: Um no I do not think so.
D: YES! One of them are God!!!!

More snickering and laughing from the people in the area.

He may not make it to 4.


Liz said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!! That one was a good one


could be worse... he could have been where do babies come from

Jessica said...

Cute! :) We are excited about the bday party.

Janelle said...

I love to hear them logic through things out loud, it so entertains me!