Thursday, June 11, 2009

I got stung by a sting bee 10 times

Daniel is obsessed by "sting bees" and worms, spiders and ants. But mostly sting bees. He has been telling huge stories about how he has gotten stung by sting bees every day at daycare. In one story he was telling my mom he even went on to become friends with a sting bee who was nice and they played together but then the sting bee got sick and went to the hospital.

One of the other kids at day care did get stung by a bee when they were outside about a week or so ago. We have been telling Daniel to leave the bees alone when we are outside together. He chases them, hits at them, just generally annoys them. We kept tellinghim he was going to get stung if he did not leave them alone to which he would reply, "But I HAVE been stung by a sting bee at daycare." (He has trouble keeping his stories and reality separate lol)

He finally got his wish. He was stung by a bee at daycare yesterday morning. Evidently he has a mild allergy to them. His teacher called me because the place swelled up to the size of a dollar bill and he had hives on his back. By the time I got to his daycare the hives were gone and the swelling had went down quite a bit. So thankfully no trip to the ER.

He swears up and down that he was not messing with the bees, that he just turned around and "there the bee was and it jumpd on my shirt and stung me." Somehow I just don't believe that.

So he came to work with me and played games on the computer until we could go home. I dosed him up with some Benadryl and some Tylenol and he fell asleep watching cartoons on the couch. For about 10 minutes until Daddy got home.

Oh well, we knew it was coming eventually.


Janelle said...

Oh that's too funny! When they are his age I can never tell if it is a real story or made up-it's almost the same to them!

I'm glad he wasn't seriously allergic to them and no trip to the ER for an epi shot!

I'm allergic to honey bees (only) and none of the boys have been stung by one so we don't know if they are or not, so I act like they are. I inherited my allergy from my Dad so I figure I passed it on to them. I'm generous like that!

Jessica said...

He is such a hoot! I hate that he was stung though. I'm sure I am jinxing myself, but I have never been stung. I'm kinda afraid to be since I'm pretty allergic to any insect bites. I hope Daniel feels better and is doing better.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Natalie, Oh--kids!!!! I raised three boys--so I remember about bugs and bees, ad yes bee stings...

Glad Daniel didn't get a BAD sting--nor had to go to the ER. Now-- maybe he will be more careful when he gets around bees.

Cute Story... I miss those days when my kids were young.



...... Bobbi said...

Too funny - he is definitely ALL BOY!!! Glad his hives were only minor.