Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Playing cops and robbers...supposedly I am the robber

One of the things about my job tat I have always liked is that it is never boring. I have been called every name under the sun and then some and there is usually something interesting going on, if not here at my office, then one of the other branches.

One of my employees called me Sunday afternoon to tell me that he had a debtor that was calling him about her personal property that was in her car. He gave her the office number and told her she needed to call Monday morning and MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.

On my way to work yesterday morning he calls me again. To tell me that they have been sitting at our lot since 6am! WHY would anyone do that? What freaking business opens that early?

So they came in the office and I told them sorry you have to make an appointment and I have to have time to clean out the car. You can make an appointment for tomorrow morning. Yeah she (whose name is actually not on the account it is her husbands account) did NOT like that. Started telling me how I can't keep her stuff yada yada yada. They finally make an appt for in the morning and leave.

45 minutes later she calls me back and tells me that Lexington PD said I can't keep her stuff that she is coming back to get it. I tlak to my boss and he says no without an appt she can't get it. So she calls the PD to come out here.

The 2 cops who came out here yesterday must not like repo companies because they told her she could swear out a warrant for ME if anything was missing when she picked up her stuff today. She was already claiming that there was money in her car so I knew I was going to have more problems today. When the guys repo a car that has personal items in there they do a quick check for drugs, guns and large amounts of money. I already knew there was not any money in the car.

Since I work by myself I had one of the guys come in this morning so I was not here by myself with them. People can get crazy I do not want to bleed to death by myself lol.

So this morning she blows up because her money is not in there, then accuses me of taking her food stamp card and debot card too. WHY would I want those? It is not like I have your pin and can use them! Needless to say the husband threw the clipboard with his paper work on it across the office and they called me a few choice names and called the cops again.

That paperwork he signed and threw across the office though is a personal property release: it says you do not hold us responsible for your personal items and anything that may be missing. Guess you should read before you sign? I also made sure that I had 2 witnesses when I cleaned out the car that can attest to the fact that there was NO MONEY in the car. Add to that the fact that the car was UNLOCKED when my employee picked it up and that is documented on the report he does.

Guess that warrant with my name on it just isn't happening today!

Maybe if your husband who appears like nothing is wrong other than being overweight got a job instead of disability checks and you quit spitting out kids like they were going out of style you would not be in this position.

I understand that there are hardworking people that for whatever reason lose their car. Shit happens. People like I have dealt with the past 2 days however just really get under my skin. Thankfully here I do not have to deal with them very often. Birmingham I dealt with them on a daily basis.

I am not a liar OR a thief. I wouldn't hold the title manager if I was.


Janelle said...

I'm just not sure how you do what you do! I don't know if I'd be able to keep my cool.

Do you, or your guys, ever really worry about your personal safety? I know you said you had someone come in with you-more as a witness or because you were worried about your safety?

If I were you I think I'd have a CC license...

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

you just have all the fun dont ya ?

Natalie said...

Janelle I do not worry about my safety as much here as I did in Birmingham. But yes I do worry about it sometimes. If I know someone is going to be confrontational I will have one of my employees come in so that I am not here by myself. More of a safety thing. Our office is kind of off from all the other buildings in the area so God forbid but if something did happen it might be a while before anyone found out.

It is hard to for me to keep my cool sometimes but I just wait until they leave and THEN I get it all out.

There are hazards to the job but generally it is the field agents that have the higher risk. But you never know what someone will do. That is why I have the PD on speed dial

mrsb said...

Good gracious! I know people have to be upset when they loose their car, but it's just stupid to blame someone who is doing their job. Glad it didn't get any hairier than that (which I'm sure was bad enough).

Oh, and I tagged you for a meme on my blog. I know some people hate those, lol, so feel free to ignore ;O)


in bham you might just get shot over that.

That's crazy shit.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

hi natalie..had fun last night . Our soap is all cut and in the cabinet drying. I got a pic of it on my blog.

Janelle said...

You seem to have a handle on it, so that's good! I guess it teaches you to keep your cool which is helpful in all areas of life (marriage, parenting, etc.). Have a great weekend!