Monday, June 29, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Seems like only a few weeks ago I had plenty of free time on my hands, and now I have NONE. Our weekends have been jam packed with things to do with Daniel, and the weeks are filled with work. Jeff's company has been super busy so he has been going in early and getting home late. I have been trying to train a new field agent and it seems like there are just not enough hours to fit it all in. I desperately want to try and find time to get in some exercise even if it is just a walk around the block but by the time I get home and get supper cooked I am exhausted. I am making a concious effort though to eat healthier than I was. My self esteem as far as looks goes is about as low as it has ever been and I want to do something about it. When you have a minor incident that causes you to go into that much self doubt and misery it is time to do something. I don't expect miracles, or even want to be as skinny as I used to be, but I want to feel healthier and lose at least a little bit of the extra weight I am carrying.

This weekend was a little bit slower than the past few have been, which was nice. Jeff heard on the radio that the S&S tire in Brannon Crossing was having Officer Don fly in in his helicopter on Saturday and that you could register to win 1 of 10 rides. We has planned on taking Daniel to the movies over there so it worked out good for us. He LOVED watching the helicopter land and take off and got to sit in it and have his picture made. He did not win one of the rides which is good I guess because he said he did not want to ride in it. We headed over to the movies and Daniel was all excited about watching Ice Age 3. Yeah but it does not come out until this weekend. OOPS. So I was all set to watch Transformers which he also wanted to see until Jeff opened his FAT mouth and mentioned there was another CARTOON movie playing. Yep spent $30 on UP in 3D when I would have much rather rented it for a $1. So now we get to make 2 more trips to the movies because he has already been promised he could see Transformers and Ice Age. #@%))!#$)*#$ men!

Here is Daniel just out of the tub after a long day of being spoiled on Saturday. I think his face says it all!
Speaking of faces saying it all: If your husband goes to the doctor don't just assume he knows what a prostate exam is. His face said it all when I came back in the room. PRICELESS! That and the muttered curses under his breath. Now you know how we feel honey!


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

Gotta love those expressions :) Are you all going downtown the 4th for the festival? I know what ya mean about being too tired to walk. You would think with all the dirt hauling and yardwork I would be a little smaller this summer... nope :(


he didnt know what a prostate exam was... Ha ha

what's bad is I got to watch wes get one.


...... Bobbi said...

He is such a cutie!!

Janelle said...

I love the last comment! I could write a whole post about how I had 4 babies with no drugs and how my husband had to be medicated following his "snip" and the whining that followed-for months! It just makes me laugh!

I haven't done well with my exercising lately either-don't seem to be enough hours in the day when you work all day! Hang in there :)