Monday, October 27, 2008

My weekend of awesome deals!

I hit the mall Saturday morning with the purpose of using the Bath and Body Works coupons I posted about here and also checking out the sale at JCPenney.

I desperately need some winter clothes and new blue jeans. Mine must have shrunk in the wash....right?

While I was there I decided to go by Lush in Macy's and check out their products. Another blogger that I read recommended one of their cleansers The sales girl was VERY helpful and gave me a sample of the cleanser plus a moisturizer sample to try. I love both of them so far and will probably start using them both. I also bought a chunk of one of their yummy smelling soaps.

I left there and headed to Bath and Body Works, stopping on the way to sample some wine from Elk Creek's kiosk. At Bath and Body Works I got 6 antibacterial soaps, a bubble bath in my favorite scent (sensual Amber), and the wallflowers starter kit for $18.90 total. This was divided into 2 purchases and I got a coupon book with $35 worth of coupons including another coupon for a free item with a $10 purchase with each purchase I made. Guess I have to go back next weekend and use those. That deal was great for me because the antibacterial soaps were on sale for $3 and I LOVE using them at home, plus I can use them for Christmas gifts.

Next I headed to JCPenney, stopping to get a $25 flu shot on my way. I ended up getting 3 pairs of Arizona Jeans, an Arizona sweater, and a Saint Johns Bay microfiber jacket for a total of $94. I had a gift card with a few dollars still on it so I ended up paying $89 and some change OOP. My total savings on that purchase was $85, so I basically got everything for half price.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


Jessica said...

Great deals. This is actually what I am posting about on Ways to $ave Wednesday, my great deals at the mall the past couple weekend. I was there Saturday as well. Must have missed you at BBW.