Friday, October 31, 2008

Watch out criminals...I'm on the case

So I reported for juror orientation yesterday afternoon. I am "on call" the whole month of November. I have to call in every day after 4 and see if I have to serve the next day. The plus side to this is since it is Nov I get 4 holidays (Veterans Day, Election Day, and Thurs and Fri for Thanksgiving). The downside is it is going to make it VERY hard to schedule transporters to come pick up cars. I am going to have to tell them well I may or may not be here tomorrow as I might have to serve jury duty. Oh well maybe my company will finally see the benefits of having some part time office help.


Jessica said...

I hope you don't get called much!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

If you stand on the second floor and look out the front windows --you will see a gargoyle on a bldg roof across the street. I had to do jurt duty in april --AARRGHH!!! Hope daniel is feeling better