Thursday, October 16, 2008

Technology Hates Me

I am the manager of a repo company here in Lexington. I rely on my cell phone to kep me in touch with my agents out in the field. If they have a problem, no matter what time it is, they have to be able to reach me.

About a month ago, I was sitting at my desk filling out some survey that I had to know what model my cell phone was. So I popped out the battery and looked. I put the battery back in and pushed the power button. Nothing happened. I tried repeatedly to get it to come on with no success. So I trekked down to T Mobile and had them look at it. They had me call support and they proceeded to tell me that I needed a new phone. Mine was still under warranty so it would not cost anything. So I signed up for the loaner phone and went on my way.

I got my new phone and everything has been grand. Until last night. My battery was low and we were watching a movie and I was too lazy to get up and go plug my phone in so I turned it off. Now it will not come back on. AGAIN. I tried my charger AND my husbands charger and nothing.

So I get to trek back to T Mobile with my three year old in tow and attempt to get this fixed again. YAY!!! What fun!


MJ said...

Ugh! I can sympathize... it's terrible how dependent we can get on the little boogers and then when they stop working, no amount of threats to take away their power supply seems to fix them!

Natalie said...

I know! I used to be able to rattle of a list of phone numbers for everyone I knew. Now I know maybe 2 numbers by heart.

Natalie said...
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Mrs. Who said...

This is one area where I really economize. My husband just bought an Iphone recently which he ADORES and that's just fine for him but I think it's ridiculous. I only use free cell phones. You used to be able to get a free one at the phone store, but forget that now. They want you to spend hundreds of dollars. If you just go to the website, you can get a new phone absolutely free - I did have to sign a new contract but I don't care, I have to have my phone anyway. I LOVE my new little hot pink flip phone. It takes pictures and does everything. Free.