Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Try it Tuesday

Try it Tuesday

Hanes did a giveaway, about a month ago if I remember correctly (Don't hold me to that, I sometimes have problems rememebring yesterday) for a free pair of their new wedgie free underwear. I got mine in the mail this past week and decided to give it a try this weekend.

I got the bikini underwear and they were a lovely shade of pale green. I was kind of skeptical about the whole no wedgie bit, but surprisingly, they were very comfortable and NO WEDGIES!!!

They come in all different styles and prices. Go here for a complete list of styles and prices online.
I know I would definitely buy more!


Mrs. Who said...

OMG, I JUST got my Hanes panties in the mail yesterday! What a coincidence - we must be the freebie queens. If you like free stuff, you should check out http://www.totallyfreecrap.com/ I have already gotten half a dozen free things, all of which are really great.

Thanks for participating in Try It Tuesday - I really appreciate it!!

MJ said...

I wondered if these were worthwhile... i'll have to check 'em out. Glad you liked the Aqua Marina stuff!