Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A New Beginning

My family and I have had many new beginnings this year. My husband and I were married in February. In April, my company moved us to Lexington, KY for me to be branch manager of our new Lexington office. My son turned 3 in May and joined us here in KY, where he soon joined the ranks of a big kid by becoming fully potty trained. We all left our friends and family behind in AL.

All of those things by themselves are big changes, then add to it that we were literally starting from scratch in a place where we knew no one, or where anything was. The GPS I bought soon became my best friend! And still is!

Gone were the free overnight babysitters (Mom and Dad), the weekends spent with friends watching SEC football, racing at Talladega, my part time fall job (, and just my friends in general.

My husband is one of the most wonderful men I know, because he left everything behind so that I could further my career. And did not once complain. Ok maybe a little about missing the race at Talladega this year. (He has not missed one since 1996 or something like that) He has a very close family and I know it has not been easy for him to be so far away from them.

All of these new beginnings have brought us together as a family. We took several small trips this summer to explore our new state. We have several weekend rituals that we do as a family, and we look forward to them every week.

I do not know what the future brings for us, but then who does? This is my space for exploring my new state and sharing that with others, for venting when something bothers me, and I guess in general trying to learn more about the person I am becoming, as well as sharing all the silly/funny things that happen to us. Maybe through my ramblings on here someone else will learn something about themselves.