Monday, November 3, 2008

What a crazy weekend

Halloween was great! Daniel had a blast trick or treating around our neighborhood. He scored tons of candy. And we had no trick or treaters at our apt so I have even more candy then I know what to do with. Guess the guys at work are going to love me when I bring all that candy in!

We had a lazy day Saturday. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some scrap fabric and some beads and stuff and spent the rest of the day creating. I finished one necklace and made charms for a few more. I also started some cloth napkins for the house. Yes Gramma would be proud. I am using small stitches and taking my time. To my surprise I actually enjoyed sitting there sewing. I picked up some great fleece scraps and I am going to make some scarves with that.

Now for the crazy part. Sunday night I watched my neighbor get hit with a taser and there was a naked woman running around in front of our building! Yep, kid you not. We put Daniel in the bathtub and turned on the fan so he could not hear all the yelling and cussing our neighbor was doing. I called dispatch to report what was going on and she asked me if the woman was white, black, hispanic etc. She about died laughing when I responded with "Oh she was definitely white!" She somehow managed to disappear before the cops got there. No easy feat considering what she was wearing or lack thereof. Then the cops showed up and our neighbor literally went crazy. He punched out the whole front window. Frame and everythign and was throwing glass and pieces of the frame at the cops. When he tried to climb out of the window is when the cops shot him with the stun gun. Then they ran upstairs and kicked in the door! They had to restrain the guy on the stretcher and he was still screaming and cussing. When I went out to walk Spot later one of the cops asked if he could get my name and all tha jazz so I said sure. He was walking around outside getting my info and he shines his light on the 2 chairs that are sitting outside under the upstairs window. My first thought was why did someone spray paint that chair red? Then I realized that was blood! The entire chair was covered! Pretty nasy. Eventually everything calmed down. Daniel thoguht it was neat because the cops were outside our apt. Thankfully I do not think he heard too much of what the guy was screaming. Guess that is one way to get rid of nasty neighbors!


Jessica said...

Holy Cow! You sure did have a crazy weekend. Hope your week is calmer.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

GEEZ!!! What a crazy time for you all. I am glad you didnt get hurt by any of it.Love the jewelry :P You make a cool witch !!!!!!!!!!! If you have any small pieces of fleece left over from the scarves --they make great washcloths cause they hold so much water

MJ said...

wow, that's one interesting evening... of course one night, way back in college when we lived downtown, my roomie actually witnessed a "lady of the night" and her customer behind our apartments! I guess I'm pretty lucky now, I have a cop as a next door neighbor, so our little block of townhomes stays pretty quiet