Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shoppers be warned: Lots of stores closing due to "recession"

My husband mentioned this the other night and I really did not pay much attention. He said he had been listening to the radio and they were saying that you needed to be careful what gift cards you bought people this Christmas as there are a lot of stores that will be closing after Christmas and the giftcards will not be accepted.

I did not think there was any truth to that but I was WRONG! Yep see DH I can admit when I am wrong. Or I MIGHT be wrong. The article on snopes does not say anythign about the giftcards not being accepted but there are some stores planning on cutting back the number of stores they have.

Here is a link to Sisterly Savings post. She has a link to the snopes article that says the rumor is partially true.


mrsb said...

Ugh, thanks for the heads up! I usually get cards for my out-of-town relatives. Maybe I'll just send the cash this year!