Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some new Chirstmas gifts I made

We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth last night. Daniel loved it of course because it had "monsters" and dinosaurs. It was not bad actually. While I watched I also worked on some necklaces for Christmas presents.

That last one is my favorite. I already know who I am going to give it to as well.

And finally I finished my napkin (yes only one so far) the day before. Turned out pretty good. There was one edge that did not match perfectly but it does not bother me. They are for our use at home.

I am really excited about all the stuff I am doing. I know it will help save us a lot on Christmas this year and we will be able to do things for people that we originally thought we were going to have to leave out.


Jessica said...

I guess these were the skills you learned last week that I totally baled on (is that how you spell baled???). Love the necklaces!!

Bobbi said...

Love the necklaces! Are the napkins for you or for gifts? I never thought of doing napkins, but with the green movement, they would make perfect gifts!

hls1209 said...

I really like the next to last necklace, but they are very cute. The napkins are cute, too!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

Love the jewelry and napkins !!! I will be sewing some over next few weeks. Can you use fabric scrap ?? I know i have some quilt blocks you can have also

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I think some of the biggest savings I have now --is on paper towels since I use mostly cloth napkins and have a rag bag.