Friday, November 7, 2008

Luck must be a lady

I have no luck. I never win contests, giveaways etc. I always seem to get the bad end of the deal. I mean how many people do you know that register in a state and in less than 6 months time gets Jury Duty? The only thing I can remeber winning is a book for Daniel from Mrs. Who's blog on Bluegrass Moms.

My husband on the other hand, has been blessed by the Luck fairy it seems.

When we first met he NEVER wore his seatbelt. After a few tears and him finally realizing how important it was to me that he buckle up, he started wearing his seat belt. I was always skeptical if he actually wore it when he was at work, but he swore up and down that he did. About a month after moving here he went through a drive through one day and got a piece of paper from a policeman (not a ticket) to go online and register to win prizes, all because he was buckled up. So he asked me to go online and register him and I did. A week later I get an email telling me he won 2 tickets to the Busch race at the KY Motor Speedway. Yep we went and had a blast!

Then we have the free vacation we won from entering some giveaway at the mall. (Although they were supposed to call us back about that and never did) So that may not ever happen. Oh well. Still counts.

Now he calls me to tell me he won a $100 GC to Best Buy! How the hell did you do that? Oh you know that thing at the supply warehouse they were doing today....Yeah he registered and won...AGAIN.

Now I am just wondering if I can convince him to use it for a Christmas present...Somehow I seriously doubt that.

So luck must be a lady who has a giant crush on my husband. (Who can blame her?)


Bobbi said...

I used to never be lucky, but since I've started blogging, my luck seems to have changed. I have won at least 2 dozen books this year! Between these and the review copies I receive each week, I feel like I've hit the book lotto!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I will se sewing today and will save you some fabric . Got a question ? I am going to do a bottlecap jewelry class. Probaly on sat the 15th around 3 pm. would that time work for you ?? We would be covering bottlecaps with fabric and beading them

Jessica said...

I think I'm the "lucky" one in my family. My husband has bad luck...always falling into the wrong situations. Either way, I've never won such big prizes.

MJ said...

some people just seem to have that touch. I've been pretty lucky myself. I have won countless concert tickets, including 10 tickets & back stage passes to see Pink. I won a trip to LA, a $500 Macy's shopping spree, and random gift cards or movie tickets. If you haven't already, i recommend registering frequently for the radio station giveaways online... That's how I have won many of mine

hls1209 said...

My best friend is lucky - she wins stuff all the time. I on the other hand am like you, and never win anything. I don't even bother to enter anything anymore, it is a waste of my time.