Thursday, December 4, 2008

Barter/Trade/Items needed

I am looking for any kind of craft supplies: yarn, fabric, doodads etc. Also looking for item to make home made soaps and the like. Need essential oils, cocoa butter, herbs, etc. Anyone have any thing they would like to barter/gift/sell very cheaply? Also can use old clothes to be repurposed. If you wouldl ike to help email me at ntrantham at unitedautorecovery dot com


Heather said...

Sure, I have some yarn you can have--need to clean out my stash anyway, since it's taking over my living room! What kind of yarn do you need? Thick, thin, sturdy, soft?

--Heather (from the Mother Tongue)

Jessica said...

I can't help ya, but I saw your post on freecycle! :)

Liz said...

Lady! I need to finish cutting up the panels, but I have some cotton sturdy canvas type fabric to share with you :) I snagged a huge slip cover for couch and love seat and it's wayyyyyyy to much than I know what to make with. :) Figured I'd share with you and Lisa :D