Monday, December 22, 2008

Daniel meets Santa

Daniel met Santa for the first time (that he remembers anyway) yesterday. His eyes were as big as dinner plates! He was pretty hesitant at first, but he finally told Santa that he wanted a nutcracker (?) and a Kota the Dinosaur. He does not want much. Just a $300 dinosaur that would take up his whole room! Maybe he won't be disappointed with a bike.
Only 9.5 hours of work left this week. THANK GOD!!!!! I am counting down the hours. (As if you could not tell.) I need a break and these next few days are going to be heavenly. It will make work that much harder once the New Year is over but it will be worth it for my peace of mind.
My Christmas present getting is done as of Saturday. The stockings are all taken care of as well. I even have all of Daniel's presents wrapped! This will be the first year that I do not spend Christmas Eve frantically wrapping presents. Even when I did not have Daniel I was in charge of wrapping my Dad's and sisters stuff. I
still have a few presents for the extended family to wrap/procure but I will take care of the wrapping in the next day or so, and the few other gifts we do need to get can wait until after Christmas. We won't be seeing those people until later in January.
Now if 5pm tomorrow would just hurry up and get here......


mrsb said...

What a great picture! That first picture with Santa, when they really know who he is and what it's all about, is really just priceless.

Liz said...

I'll clean your house if you come sew my mom's grocery bags for her xmas present and make the ferrets' new bedding and finish baking my cookies and brownies :D

Bobbi said...

I'm glad you got a great picture. In all my girls' first Santa photos, they're crying! They were always afraid of Santa.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a Cutie Pie you have, Natalie. I'm sure that whatever he gets, he'll be happy with it. Kids WANT---but when they get something, they forget what they first wanted!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.