Saturday, December 20, 2008

The green monster is gone!

Whatever bug crawled inside me the past few days is thankfully gone. I do not know why I was so cranky. Must be hormones.

Daniel ended up having a blast last night since he was the only kid. Everyone spoiled him!

My boss sent me a text yesterday and supposedly we will be getting our bonus on Monday. I sure hope so. It would come in handy.

I spent all day today tying up loose Christmas ends, and I think I have everything I need now. I found Daniel a Lightning McQueen bike on sale for $49 which will be his big gift from Santa. I have started the wrapping process but that may take a few days to get done. Although Santa's Elves dropped off a present for each of us today that has special instructions to be opened on Christmas Eve. (PJ's for all of us to wear so we have decent looking clothes on for early morning pictures.) Daniel helped me make some Candy Canes out of pipe cleaners and we hung htose on a tree I made for him out of leftover evergreen pieces. I am going to replace the fake candy canes with real ones after he goes to bed on Christmas Eve. The "magic" of Christmas.

Thanks for all the kind words after my post yesterday. It made me feel a lot better. Hopefuly the grinch will stay gone!


Jessica said...

I'm glad today has lifted your spirits! A few candy cane pipe cleaners always do it for me! :)