Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend projects

It has been a BUSY weekend. But it has been fun.
The snow put a bit of a damper on my spirit, but it didn't keep me from doing what I wanted too. (And let me delay on going to the laundromat to wash clothes.)
Saturday was a wonderful day! Thanks so much for lunch Jessica! I will be moving into Joseph Beth next weekend. If anyone needs me, I will be there.
AWESOME STORE! Bronte was really good too. Good company was the best part though.
Girls lunch. Have not done that in ummmm 9 months!
Then home to pick up my neighbor and go to the grocery store. Then I went to Lisa's and enjoyed her and Liz's company. I had a blast sitting around talking with them! And Lisa made me an awesome Christmas present. Seems like everytime I leave there I come home with a TON more stuff. She gave me some cocoa butter that I came home and made some moisturizer and lip balm with. And some yummy oils.
Today was spent playing in the snow this morning. Then I started cleaning the apartment. Once that was done I pulled out the crafts.
I made wreaths out of old scratched CD's.

Then I made 2 batches of homemade hot chocolate and marshmallow mix for Christmas gifts.

I still have to put the ribbons and recipe cards on them but they are almost done.

Then I restrung 2 necklaces on the better wire Lisa gave me ages ago.

It is time to go relax for a while.

Here are a few more pics of things I did this weekend for your enjoyment.

My apartment door.

The lovely piece that Lisa gave me is now on top of our entertainment center.


hls1209 said...

Those hot chocolate mixes are ADORABLE! What great gifts they will make.

Bobbi said...

Great idea for using old CDs - I have so many of them, I may have to try this.

I made 2 batches of my "fireside coffee" this weekend. I give it as gifts every year. It's a cross between coffee and hot chocolate!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

those are all adorable ! Never thought of using old cds for wreaths. Cute :) Joseph Beth is a great store. I havenet been there in several years. My daughter and i use to go every week when she was still here.

Jessica said...

I had fun too...girl's lunch rocks! :) I need that hot chocolate mix recipe. I need to make a few for gifts.

Liz said...

You and Lisa are the only people I actually enjoy sitting around and bsing with lol. Maybe it's because it seems you guys are the only people I know who have an appreciation for the "little things" that save money, help the earth, are crafty and are thoughtful, etc. <3