Thursday, April 30, 2009

Answers to a few questions about Dryer Balls

There were a few questions about the dryer balls I posted about yesterday. Here are the answers that I have.

Bobbi, I have noticed that there does not seem to be as much static in my clothes. I have a couple of fleece blankets and normally when I pull them out of the dryer you can hear the static in them, but Sunday I did not notice any static.

Janelle, supposedly they work by creating more space between the clothes for air to flow through thus shortening the drying time. As far as how they make the clothes softer and stuff I honestly have no idea. From what research I have done online it seems like because they do not have the chemicals that dryer sheets do that build up a residue on your clothes and prevent them from being soft and fluffy. Expecially with the towels the residue causes them to be less absorbent.


Janelle said...

Thanks! Very interesting. I'm adding them to my Aldi list. :)

MJ said...

The stuff about dryer sheets affecting the absorbancy of your towels, etc is very true. Most fabric softener sheets are made with Tallow (animal by product) which leaves behind a residue that builds up on clothes, etc.

I've read mixed reviews about the dryer balls, that they don't necessarily provide softness.Another option is a more natural fabric softener. Method brand makes some pretty good ones. (I do such big loads of laundry sometimes that the dryer balls wouldn't circulate much :)