Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I sleep by myself

Daniel loves to talk on the phone to all of our family back in AL. That is, when he is not "busy" with toys, cartoons and the like. Last week he was talking to Uncle Brian and this is what we heard:

"Mommy and Jeff sleep together in their big bed."

"I sleep by myself in my big bed, but I have 2 pillows. That way when I get a brother he can sleep with me."

At this point I added:

"You mean when he is a baby?"

"NO Mom, when he is a big boy like me!"

Evidently he has not given up on a brother or sister, and now he wants them to share his bed. (He has a full size bed which was given to us free, that is why he calls it a big bed.)


Janelle said...

Too funny!

He's a cutie!


yeah I think about there being another aidan and I freak out.