Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Camping Trip of 2009

On a spur of the moment trip, we decided to head to the Natural bridge/Red River Gorge area of KY and go camping this weekend. We had an absolute blast! I think if Daniel had not been made to take several showers, he would have brought home a sample of every type of dirt that can be found in the area. Here are a few pics:

Aren't they cute?
The Natural Bridge from a distance.

He just HAD to play in the water. Of course he "accidentally" sat in the water.

Showing off his dirt. He had to be "naked" like Daddy.

More dirt. He took a LOT of showers.

One of the reasons he was so dirty. He was building this wall.

After one of the many showers, he was "fishing" in the stream with this stick.

The moose in one of the stores in Slade, KY. They also had a stuffed lion up in the rafters of the building.

Entrance to the Red River Gorge. You had to drive through the mountain in a one lane tunnel. Daniel loved it!

Turtles at the KY Reptile Zoo.

PS I did not barf on Friday! I did a great job!


Bobbi said...

Cool photos! My family loves to go camping and hiking at the Gorge - it is beautiful any time of the year!