Tuesday, April 21, 2009

REEE Clunk REE REE Clunk (or something like that)

Last year Jeff won tickets to the Nascar Nationwide series race at the Kentucky Motor Speedway. We took Daniel and camped out that Saturday for the race. Daniel had an absolute blast! Unfortunately, I lost my camera when leaving the track, so no pictures.

For months after we went he would ask us when we were going back to the races. He loves everything to do with cars. From the movie CARS (Probably why it looks like the movie exploded in his room.), to coming to work with Mommy and seeing the tow trucks.

We have been talking about going back to the race this year. I looked into the ticket prices the other day and was talking to Jeff about them. Daniel is THRILLED because he heard us and knows we are going to go to the races again! Once again, every day he asks, "Are we going to the races today?"

The ultimate though was last night. I picked him up from daycare and he wanted to call and talk to Melgie. (My sister. She was gone all weekend and he was VERY upset that he could not talk to her.) He was playing with a race car when I handed him the phone. He then proceeded to demonstrate to everyone who got on the phone, the noises that the cars make when they are doing a pit stop. He also explained that the car was getting it's tires changed, and then that it had wrecked and had to go to the garage. Funny thing is, he sounded scarily like the air wrenches they use. Maybe he will be a sound effects person for movies when he grows up.

Or a NASCAR driver.
And Mel, from now on you have to stay home so that when Daniel calls, you are there.


Bobbi said...

When I was a little girl, I used to go to stock car races with my Dad - the Pondarosa Speedway in Junction City! They still have stock car races every summer weekend, but I haven't been in probably 30 years - what fun memories!