Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter happenings

What a wonderful weekend! Ok staying home doing nothing would have been nice too but then I would have nothing to blog about!

The Lexington Farmer's Market kicked off it's season on Saturday and after a nice cooked by someone other than me breakfast at Denny's we headed to the Market. It was nice to see the familiar faces and some new ones as well. I picked up a bunch of baby green garlic and Daniel had to have some honey straws of course. I got a new bar of soap from the honey lady as well as I am down to my last bar at home. I also sampled some of the local wines that were for sale and ended up getting 2 bottles. What a way to start your weekend huh? The Farmer's Market here is seriously the most awesome thing ever. And it promotes your local economy as well as a greener lifestyle by buying local.

After getting the running around done we dyed eggs and hung out at the house cooking, cleaning and all that fun stuff. Daniel still did not have a big interest in dying the eggs. He helped with 3-4 but then it was outside to play in the yard. He was soooooo excited about Easter though. He told my mom that he was going to watch the Easter bunny put the candy in his eggs. That he would come out of his room and sneak up on him so he could see if he was big like Mommy and Jeff or little like a rabbit.

We spent Easter morning at the house and then went to Jeff's boss's house for another Easter egg hunt. He had a huge yard and several 4 wheelers for the kids to ride. Jeff took Daniel for a ride and I could hear Daniel screaming the whole way. "YAAAAAAAAAAY."

No nap+lots of excitement+lots of sugar=CRANKY child.

He fell asleep watching his movie last night and he NEVER does that.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend and Easter!


MJ said...

i love the farmer's market! I need to go down and get some olive oil

Janelle said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

daniel is having a blast isnt he ??? I need to get by farmers market one morning and see what local plants may be offered . I would love some blueberry plants .

Jessica said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. We had an Easter meltdown as well. Thanks to no nap and lots of candy. :)