Monday, April 6, 2009

Mom of the Year Award! My first award!

Joell over at Life with a Toddler nominated me for a Mom of the Year Award! She is quite possibly one of the sweetest people I have met through my blog. Thanks so much for the award!

Admit one thing you feel awful about involving being a mom. Get it off your shoulders. Once you've written it down, you are No Longer allowed to feel bad. It's over with, it's in the past. Remember, you're a good mom!

I feel bad that sometimes when it has been a long day at work or my back is really bothering me, that once I get supper cooked, I disappear into the bathroom for a nice LONG, and I do mean LONG, (like waaaaay over an hour) soak in the bathtub. I could be playing with Daniel or we could all be watching a movie or playing a game together, but I would rather hole up in a hot bath with a beer and relax. He is in daycare all day and if I was a good Mommy I would wait until he goes to bed to do my relaxing, but then I would not have time for the LONG soak. Just a normal one. Is that selfish of me?

Remind yourself you are a good mom, list seven things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you. These are the things to remind yourself everyday that you Rock!

1. Daniel's smile can lift my spirits even when I am not at my best.

2. I love taking him to new places and seeing him experience new things and the joy that experience brings him.

3. I love the way he comes into our room on the weekends, crawls in bed with us, and then proceeds to "hide" under the covers and we have to "find" him.

4. I love how the smallest thing can fascinate him.

5. I love the ritual of kisses we go through at bedtime every night. Kiss, then a butterfly kiss, then an eskimo kiss, then a fish kiss, then a normal kiss again. And believe me if he does not get them all he WILL get back up and come find me.

6. I love when he laughs.

7. I love his Daniel-isms. The unique things that only he could come up with and say.

Send this to five other Mom's of the year that deserve credit for being great moms and remind them that they are the best moms they can be!! Remember to send them a note to let them know you've selected them, and add a link to the person who nominated you.

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Granola Mom said...

Oh! Thank you! I LOVE this award!

aaensons said...

thank you so much and you are very sweet too how is the new house

Janelle said...

Thanks! How fun!